On the right path!

Around this time every year I would consider myself to be a little more in tune with my environment than the year before… What do I mean by this?

As a health practitioner I ask my clients to tune in to how they are feeling in their body, how is your gut feeling, what are your energy levels like, mood, hormones, allergy responses. I also do this in the home with myself and my family.

It is also around this time that I notice that everyone in the house starts to feel a bit flat and this is probably a response to what seems like an endless winter.

It’s the time of the year that we all yearn for sunny days and to leave the doors wide open - let the sun in and freshen up our environment that has been closed up for last 4 months!

Just like our living environment our body needs a good freshen up - it’s time to start thinking of the spring cleanse protocols - I like to assign October/November for this a 30 day reset.

This year I have been considering more about how we are so effected by our immediate environment and how this impacts on our health - especially gut/immune health.

Why would you do a gut cleanse detox on your body but not on your house?

Every time I put a dishwasher cube in the dishwasher I think “ there has to be a better product out there” something that will be effective for cleaning, stand up as an eco product and not strip all the microbes out of our gut via our dishes! During my research I have found that this is actually a pretty big issue and studies have found that using harsh chemical detergents contribute to the loss of bacterial diversity that makes up our microbiome.

This September I will be doing a detox overhaul on my home environment which will be replacing all my cleaning, laundry and hair/body products to no nonsense toxic and chemical free products that make me and my environment sparkle with joy and health!

If you want to join me on my detox overhaul journey and do the same for your family and home environment make a booking and let’s get the ball rolling now!

A sharp change in the seasons!

Winter is a time for tuning into our bodies needs

  • Create a warm and nourishing environment: use this time to connect with family

  • Get into routine again: dinners with family, warm bath with epsom salts and an early night

  • At the first sign of illness: take action - rest and support your immune system (herbal/vitamin supplemental support - nip it quickly rather than powering on through, your body is telling you something)

  • Dress appropriately for the season: Keep warm by rugging up, keep a jacket in the car, wear a beanie and a scarf around your neck helps to protect your energy resources resistance against the elements

  • Investigate and assess your immune system: Are you someone that gets recurrent sickness with every change in seasons - if so, now is the time to reach out for support with a Naturopathic assessment to see what is impacting on your immune defences and why they are weakened

Rebalancing and supporting women through all life stages - from fertility/pregnancy/hormonal regulation through to the transitional wise woman and beyond - make an appointment today and start feeling well again!

In clinic the most common phrases that I hear are listed below:

I’m just so busy at the moment

Where has all the time gone in the day

I can’t think straight

I never do anything for myself

I’m tired, anxious strung out and feeling overwhelmed

By stopping and taking a moment to breathe we can create space we can feel clearer and more energised. Use the following links as a start point in seeing what works for you, what is doable in your day. Make it your ritual/ your full stop and breathing point

The first steps of embracing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - 5mins

The Tapping Solution: Used for overwhelm and Anxiety


Assisting rebalancing of the nervous system - moving out of Sympathetic Nervous System (flight, fright, freeze) - 12mins


Start your day with balance clarity and feel energised: Morning Qi Gong 10mins


Nurture & Nourish

Now is the time to find your favourite slow cooked meals or soups. I have added some recipes that are on high rotation at our house at the moment. Bone Broth is a staple and can be added as a base to soup, stews, curry, Laksa or add some spices and drink during your breaks replacing tea and coffee.


Immune vitality - your best defence against the seasons

Are you someone that gets sick every change of season?Or if you've come in contact with someone that is ill?

By strengthening and optimising your immune system now you can start to break the cycle and let your immune system ward off all that you come in contact with.

Immune Hacks

Washing your hands regularly helps to stop the spread of infections

If you have gut issues chances are this has slowly chipped away at your immune system - good gut health creates a great defence

Arm yourself with supportive nutrients to create an armour against those bad bugs!

Come and have an immune assessment to stay on top of winter pathogens.

How do I know if I have an iodine deficiency?

A person may have low iodine levels without showing symptoms. One of the most reliable way to check your iodine intake is to ask your Naturopath to order a urine test. Your naturopath may also use a blood test to ensure that your thyroid hormone levels are normal.
The most visible consequence of iodine deficiency can be a goitre or enlarged thyroid gland. A goitre can be difficult to detect in the early stages, especially in children. An ultrasound is the best method to measure the size, shape and texture of the thyroid.
Symptoms of hypothyroidism – which can be related to low iodine levels or other forms of ‘underactive’ thyroid disease – include:

  • Lethargy and tiredness, muscular weakness and constant fatigue

  • Feeling cold (even on warm days)

  • Difficulty concentrating, slowed mental processes and poor memory

  • Unusual weight gain

  • Depression

  • Thick puffy skin or puffiness of the face

  • Hair loss

  • Dry Skin

  • Constipation

  • Weak, slow heart beat

  • Enlarged thyroid or goitre

If you are experiencing any of the above - Contact Clinic today to order your Iodine test

M: 0433048430 or Book online

Detoxification & Energised!

Giving back some love for you liver - post festive season 2019

 If you’ve over indulged over the festive season – you’re liver has had a workout during this time.  As the liver is the body’s main detoxifier it is responsible for processing everything that you consume.  Now is the perfect time to give your liver a little extra love.

 Benefits of Liver detoxification support

 ·      More energy and feeling lighter

·      Improved digestion function and metabolism reset

·      Weight loss as a side effect – the liver is the also the body’s fat pump

·      Clear headed with improved clarity

·      Brighter and clearer skin

 In support of liver detoxification –I will advise an individual supported 30-day reset diet that is rich in antioxidants, non-processed foods and low/no sugar.

 Specific supplements are often prescribed alongside liver detoxification to promote safe and effective elimination of toxins.   With the right supplements the side effects of detoxification may be minimised and will pass quickly.

 Book an appointment today to get started on a healthier lifestyle in 2019!

 St Mary’s – milk thistle 

 A traditional herb used to support the elimination of toxins that are processed in the liver.  The active constituent of St Mary’s silymarin has been found to strengthen the cell walls in the liver by supporting normal elimination processes it protects, detoxifies and regenerates healthy liver cells.

 * When deciding if a specific supplement is right for you always discuss with your health practitioner the risks and benefits with medication interactions and taking different supplements throughout different life stages, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do you suffer from bloating, pain and excessive gas?  You could be experiencing symptoms of dysbiosis.


Dysbiosis doesn’t just cause bloating it can be responsible for initiating and becoming the underlying cause in many chronic conditions such as allergy/intolerance presentations, autoimmune diseases and obesity. 


In identifying Dysbiosis as a possible underlying issue to many health conditions – a quick checklist may highlight areas to consider:


·      Do you have a history with extensive antibiotic use  - more than 4 times a year?

·      Have you taken synthetic hormonal replacement therapies or oral contraceptive pill during the last 5 years?

·      Do you take regular medications either prescribed or over the counter? Including panadol, Ibuprofen, aspirin or NSAID’s ?

·      Does your diet include a large portion of refined sugars and carbohydrates/starchy food groups?

·      Do you have a high alcohol intake? More than 4 drinks weekly?

·      Do you drink soft drinks regularly or other high sugar containing beverages?

If you have answered “Yes” to the above and are experiencing bloating, pain and gas often – book today to help rebalance your gut microflora before it robs you of vitality and reduces your capacity to absorb essential nutrients from your diet.

Feed your Microbiome! Why is it so important?

buddah bowl

If you were requested to write down all the plant based foods that you ate over one week, how many different varieties would you be able to list? Most of us would achieve around 15-20 at the most........

To adequately feed our indigenous gut bacteria, we need to constantly consume a wide diverse range of plant based foods into our diet.  Probiotics and gut guru Jason Hawrelak recommends at least 40 different varieties are required every week to maintain a happy and healthy microbiome.  If the diet is not varied with diversity we run the risk of losing bacteria diversity and causing bacterial imbalances that leave us prone to opportunistic gut pathogens. 

It is a long standing traditional Naturopathic belief that all disease begins in the gut and now in more recent times there is a large body of scientific research to support this statement.  A disrupted microbiome that leads to dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria) can be linked to diseases throughout each system of the body including: the brain, immune system, liver, kidneys and bone joints.  

As part of a treatment plan - diet, exercise, stress management and sleep become vital in supporting an optimal microbiome.  In addition core natural medicine remedies guided by an experienced health professional  - Naturopath to support overall host health can positively affect microbiome health.