On the right path!

Around this time every year I would consider myself to be a little more in tune with my environment than the year before… What do I mean by this?

As a health practitioner I ask my clients to tune in to how they are feeling in their body, how is your gut feeling, what are your energy levels like, mood, hormones, allergy responses. I also do this in the home with myself and my family.

It is also around this time that I notice that everyone in the house starts to feel a bit flat and this is probably a response to what seems like an endless winter.

It’s the time of the year that we all yearn for sunny days and to leave the doors wide open - let the sun in and freshen up our environment that has been closed up for last 4 months!

Just like our living environment our body needs a good freshen up - it’s time to start thinking of the spring cleanse protocols - I like to assign October/November for this a 30 day reset.

This year I have been considering more about how we are so effected by our immediate environment and how this impacts on our health - especially gut/immune health.

Why would you do a gut cleanse detox on your body but not on your house?

Every time I put a dishwasher cube in the dishwasher I think “ there has to be a better product out there” something that will be effective for cleaning, stand up as an eco product and not strip all the microbes out of our gut via our dishes! During my research I have found that this is actually a pretty big issue and studies have found that using harsh chemical detergents contribute to the loss of bacterial diversity that makes up our microbiome.

This September I will be doing a detox overhaul on my home environment which will be replacing all my cleaning, laundry and hair/body products to no nonsense toxic and chemical free products that make me and my environment sparkle with joy and health!

If you want to join me on my detox overhaul journey and do the same for your family and home environment make a booking and let’s get the ball rolling now!