What can a Spring Detox do for me?

Cleanse, Revitalise & Rejuvenate

A detoxification program can be undertaken any time, although traditionally the best time of the year to engage in a detoxification program is in Spring when the body is becoming ready to lighten and motivation comes more easy with longer and warmer days.

In our everyday lives we are exposed to toxins from the foods and medications we ingest to the air we breathe, over time these toxins build up and place a heavy burden on or elimination systems:  Skin, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and bowel.

A detoxification program that leads to healthier dietary and lifestyle choices, not only provides the body with more energy and clarity but can assist in the support and management of many conditions such as:

v  Digestive issues – bloating, cramping, reflux, constipation and/or diarrhoea

v  Address food intolerances

v  Hormonal issues – PCOS, Endometriosis, Peri/menopausal presentations

v  Elimination of heavy metal toxins stored in the body

v  Weight control and management

v  Skin conditions – Skin rashes such as Eczema and psoriasis

v  Cardiovascular health

v  Preconception care – phase I as part of a treatment plan assisted by your practitioner

I am now running “whole life vitality” programs that are health and wellness programs that have been shown to be easy to follow with  a well - rounded 3 week detoxification program, that is followed up with supportive “Eat for Life” patient education for long lasting wellness.

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