Get in charge of your health in 2016

I am now starting the year off with those interested in a 1-2 month cleansing detox program. This program gives you the opportunity to put your health as a priority for the first part of the year to establish a sustainable healthy routine for the entire year.

Detoxification – Restart your year with a focus on a new healthier you? Start afresh by removing stored toxins that have accumulated over the past year and during the festive season.  Regain clarity and restore energy levels to where they naturally should be.  Love your liver and it will love you back - a healthy liver helps to break down and eliminate toxins that make us feel foggy and constantly tired.

The program focuses on detoxification whilst addressing any digestive issues such as: bloating, cramping, reflux, constipation or diarrhoea that may be present as well as weight management insights.  Knowing that stress is a major contributor to many areas of health including:  hormonal imbalances, sleep, gut health and the immune system, assistance with stress management and support is incorporated into a tailored treatment plan.

During a naturopathic consultation you will receive easy to access professional nutritional and lifestyle advice to incorporate into every day life to create sustainable healthy habits.  Further investigations such as food intolerance testing and hair tissue mineral analysis are also available.

If you would like to begin 2016 with a little more spring in your step starting with a Naturopathic consultation please contact Nicola at Healing Well on:  0433048430