Menopause Early!

  • Through clinical and personal experience I am encountering more and more women suffering the signs and symptoms of menopause under the age of 45. When signs and symptoms present alongside hormonal dysfunction before the age of 40 this is termed premature ovarian failure and will be investigated further, however over the age of 40 it will be considered the beginning of peri/menopause. Some of the presenting signs and symptoms associated with peri/menopause:
  • irregular menstrual cycles with lengthy durations between cycles or cessation longer than 12 months
  • headaches low/no sex drive fatigue
  • low energy foggy head irritable
  • weight gain hair loss infertility
  • hot flushes
  • feelings of being overwhelmed and emotional and or new presentations of anxiety

Some women will have a familial history of early onset menopause, although there are some other aspects that should be considered with premature hormonal dysfunction.

  • high stress loads on both physical and mental planes
  • excessive exercise, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism
  • exposure to environmental hormone disruptors contained in plastics, foods, cosmetics
  • Diet and lifestyle factors - poor diet choices, high refined foods, excessive smoking and drinking of alcohol

In addressing some of the factors to premature menopause - we also need to acknowledge women are now being exposed to health conditions in earlier age groups, rather than being protected by optimal hormones well into their 50’s. Some of these conditions involve:

  • Bone Density loss leading to Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular conditions

If you have identified with the above or know someone that is experiencing early menopause signs and symptoms make contact today and book an appointment (skype available) to address underlying causes, support and manage symptoms and initiate long term risk prevention.

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