Fertility management

Managing infertility/fertility with Natural Medicine

What is a “normal” cycle?

By tracking your cycle length, basal metabolic temperature, flow, presenting pain and other premenstrual symptoms we can gain great insights into reproductive health, from here we can begin to support and re-establish regular period patterns aiming for optimal reproductive health.


The usual range for a menstrual cycle is between 21-35 days, and is used as guide only, however anything outside this range may reflect signs of sub-optimal functioning, and should be discussed and reviewed in cases of poor nutrition status, high levels of stress, abnormal body weight (height to weight ratio) and poor liver clearance all which may disrupt optimal reproductive functioning.


Similar to tracking your cycle length, with guidance from your naturopath you can track your own ovulation via a special technique involving observational cervical signs.  Not only is this technique empowering to all women it provides us with knowledge of our most fertile time – important for when the aim is for conception or alternatively when used appropriately as part of a contraception plan.

To find out what your “normal” cycle is speak to one of our qualified Naturopaths to assist you in getting to know your body and cycle better today.