Detoxification & Energised!

Giving back some love for you liver - post festive season 2019

 If you’ve over indulged over the festive season – you’re liver has had a workout during this time.  As the liver is the body’s main detoxifier it is responsible for processing everything that you consume.  Now is the perfect time to give your liver a little extra love.

 Benefits of Liver detoxification support

 ·      More energy and feeling lighter

·      Improved digestion function and metabolism reset

·      Weight loss as a side effect – the liver is the also the body’s fat pump

·      Clear headed with improved clarity

·      Brighter and clearer skin

 In support of liver detoxification –I will advise an individual supported 30-day reset diet that is rich in antioxidants, non-processed foods and low/no sugar.

 Specific supplements are often prescribed alongside liver detoxification to promote safe and effective elimination of toxins.   With the right supplements the side effects of detoxification may be minimised and will pass quickly.

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 St Mary’s – milk thistle 

 A traditional herb used to support the elimination of toxins that are processed in the liver.  The active constituent of St Mary’s silymarin has been found to strengthen the cell walls in the liver by supporting normal elimination processes it protects, detoxifies and regenerates healthy liver cells.

 * When deciding if a specific supplement is right for you always discuss with your health practitioner the risks and benefits with medication interactions and taking different supplements throughout different life stages, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding