Do you suffer from bloating, pain and excessive gas?  You could be experiencing symptoms of dysbiosis.


Dysbiosis doesn’t just cause bloating it can be responsible for initiating and becoming the underlying cause in many chronic conditions such as allergy/intolerance presentations, autoimmune diseases and obesity. 


In identifying Dysbiosis as a possible underlying issue to many health conditions – a quick checklist may highlight areas to consider:


·      Do you have a history with extensive antibiotic use  - more than 4 times a year?

·      Have you taken synthetic hormonal replacement therapies or oral contraceptive pill during the last 5 years?

·      Do you take regular medications either prescribed or over the counter? Including panadol, Ibuprofen, aspirin or NSAID’s ?

·      Does your diet include a large portion of refined sugars and carbohydrates/starchy food groups?

·      Do you have a high alcohol intake? More than 4 drinks weekly?

·      Do you drink soft drinks regularly or other high sugar containing beverages?

If you have answered “Yes” to the above and are experiencing bloating, pain and gas often – book today to help rebalance your gut microflora before it robs you of vitality and reduces your capacity to absorb essential nutrients from your diet.