In clinic the most common phrases that I hear are listed below:

I’m just so busy at the moment

Where has all the time gone in the day

I can’t think straight

I never do anything for myself

I’m tired, anxious strung out and feeling overwhelmed

By stopping and taking a moment to breathe we can create space we can feel clearer and more energised. Use the following links as a start point in seeing what works for you, what is doable in your day. Make it your ritual/ your full stop and breathing point

The first steps of embracing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - 5mins

The Tapping Solution: Used for overwhelm and Anxiety

Assisting rebalancing of the nervous system - moving out of Sympathetic Nervous System (flight, fright, freeze) - 12mins

Start your day with balance clarity and feel energised: Morning Qi Gong 10mins