A sharp change in the seasons!

Winter is a time for tuning into our bodies needs

  • Create a warm and nourishing environment: use this time to connect with family

  • Get into routine again: dinners with family, warm bath with epsom salts and an early night

  • At the first sign of illness: take action - rest and support your immune system (herbal/vitamin supplemental support - nip it quickly rather than powering on through, your body is telling you something)

  • Dress appropriately for the season: Keep warm by rugging up, keep a jacket in the car, wear a beanie and a scarf around your neck helps to protect your energy resources resistance against the elements

  • Investigate and assess your immune system: Are you someone that gets recurrent sickness with every change in seasons - if so, now is the time to reach out for support with a Naturopathic assessment to see what is impacting on your immune defences and why they are weakened

Rebalancing and supporting women through all life stages - from fertility/pregnancy/hormonal regulation through to the transitional wise woman and beyond - make an appointment today and start feeling well again!